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Hypothyroidism – Symptoms of an UnderActive Thyroid

treating hypothyroidism naturallySymptoms of an UnderActive Thyroid

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An underactive thyroid means that your thyroid gland in the neck does not produce enougth hormones.

The most common symptoms are weight gain, tiredness and feeling sad or depressed.

Many foods do not do your thyroid any good, dietry deficiences, additives, toxic food ingredients, chemicals in the environment and stress are a thyroid disaster.

Working out a way to implement a change in diet and lifestyle can be a nightmare. You need good advice on how to do this.

Symptoms of Underactive Thyroid Condition

Gaining weight or difficulty in losing weight

This is the No. 1 problem for thyroid sufferers. You start gaining weight even though you watch your diet. You try many diet plans but nothing seems to make any difference. Diets have failed you and always will.

A low thyroid condition will make it almost impossible to lose weight. Fix your metabolism and weight loss will then become a possibility.

To to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume, and for everyone else this works most of the time. When you have an underactive thyroid your metabolism will be so slow it will be almost impossible.

Feeling cold when others are warm and poor circulation

You find yourself wearing winter clothing even in summer. You feel cold even when others are feeling warm. The warning signs are definately there when you are still  wearing your thermal underwear in summer.

Tiredness, feeling exhausted easily

Feeling steepy? Lacking energy and want to sit about all the time. You may not be suffering form laziness as you first thought.

Mental concentration is hard, you get brain fogged easily

Feeling mentally exhausted, you daydream a lot and your concentration is low and you get distracted easily.

Weight gain, low energy and mood changes are the classic tell tale signs of hypothyroidism.

If you suffer hypothyroidism then starting a weight loss diet can actually make you feel worse and more tired and miserable.


You feel so miserable that you don’t want to do anything. You don’t laugh at jokes.

Dry Skin and Hair

Dry skin which looks pale. You don’t look very healthy.

Thinning hair or falling out excessively. Dry brittle hair which may become course and dry.

Hair loss in the corner of the eyebrows.

Women’s Problems

Menstral Irregularities and Fertility Problems.

Irregular periods which may be heavy and painful.

Infertility may also be assiciated with a thyroid condition.


Other Hypothyroid Symptoms

Feel worn-out and sluggish most of the time

Mood swings, sometimes feeling anxious or depressed

Become easily irritated

Joints feel stiff and sometimes painful

Aching muscles and feeling physically weak

Decreased libido

Low blood pressure and heart palpitations

Face, hands and feet become puffed up or swollen

If you follow a healthy, natural thyroid diet to boost thyroid activity and help get your metabolism to a normal level, then you could at last make a start to lose some weight.

The thyroid is a vital gland that controls energy metabolism. If your thyroid doesn’t get the nutrition it needs it becomes worn out and exhausted and will make weight loss slow down to a crawl.

The Natural Thyroid Diet is especially designed to boost your thyroid with the correct foods and nutrients to help you finally feel better and lose the weight.


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